Failure analysis
Quality surveillance



To ensure that the equipment purchased, complies with the requirements stated in the specification, it is necessary to perform controls during the production and the execution of tests on the equipment.

The staff members of COGO-Electric B.V. are very familiar with tests, test procedures and test protocols, and are therefore most suitable to perform the controls.

These controls can consists of:
-      quality audits in accordance with ISO9000 before ordering or during
-      witnessing type tests
-      witnessing routine and sample tests (FAT)
-      witnessing site acceptance tests
-      evaluation of test protocols.

During the quality audits in accordance with ISO 9000 it is checked whether the manufacturer complies with his own procedures and instructions.
Witnessing of type tests, routine tests and sample tests, are necessary to establish whether the test are performed in accordanec with the required test procedres and whether the test results are interpreted correct.

During the evaluation of test protocols is ensured that;
-       all required tests are performed,
-       the data in the protocol are complete and correct
Recently performed quality controls by our staff members:
 150 kV instrument transformer for Dutch utility
 345 kV cable for Taihan utility
 170 kV cable for Dutch utility
 132 kV accessories for Middle East utility

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